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Pure, precious, raw, and crafted to perfection our Manuka honey is produced by the bees that pollinate the native “Manuka” bush in New Zealand. When you buy Manuka Honey NZ you get all the special benefits of this high-quality source of pure nutrition and healing. Our premium wild Manuka honey is sourced from the breathtaking Southern Waikato and Central Plateau regions of Australia where the Manuka bushes grow in abundance.

What Makes Manuka Honey So Special?

Since ancient times honey has been used for medicinal purposes and to treat conditions such as infections but it was not until the 19th century that scientists discovered the natural antibacterial qualities of honey. It was found that honey can protect tissues against the damage caused by bacteria and can stimulate the production of cells that help repair tissue damage caused by infection.

However, all honey is not the same and some types of honey have more potent antibacterial properties than others. The potency and quality depend largely on the type of honey as well as how and when it was harvested.

The Special Components of New Zealand Manuka Honey

Hydrogen peroxide produced by honey is the component that gives it antibiotic qualities. Manuka honey also contains other components such as MG (methylglyoxal), converted from dihydroxyacetone which is found in the nectar of the Manuka flower. The high concentration of MG in Manuka honey is what gives it a more potent antibiotic effect.


UMF stands for ‘Unique Manuka Factor’. It is a quality rating scale developed by honey producers to rate the concentration of MG and other components found only in certain strains of Manuka honey. A minimum rating of 10 UMF is considered potent enough for therapeutic use. A rating level at or above 10 is marketed as “Active Manuka Honey” or “UMF Manuka Honey”. When you buy Manuka honey NZ you know that you are getting the purity and quality of natural, raw, unadulterated Manuka honey.

The unique benefits of Manuka honey are alive in every drop of our 100% raw UMF honey range. We lovingly tend to our bees, gently harvest the honey, and carefully preserve the purity when we package it. Every precious drop is protected from the hive to the consumer to make sure that the benefits from the Manuka flower are as potent and alive as it was in the hive.

We take pride in our range of premium UMF Manuka honey from the more accessible UMF 5+ to the more sought after and rare UMF 15+ specified by the globally independent standard of the UMF Honey Association. If you buy Manuka honey NZ it will have the UMF label that guarantees that all 3 signature compounds (methylglyoxal, DHA, and Leptosperin) have been measured and independently certified as high quality, authentic Manuka honey. The UMFHA regularly monitors the standards of Manuka honey and also conducts random samplings to ensure that products carrying the UMF mark are true to the label.

At Manuka Corner, we have mastered the methods of preserving the purity of the source and are passionate about our 100% raw Manuka honey and beeswax products. Due to its numerous health benefits and antibacterial properties, Manuka honey has earned its superiority as a natural nutritional supplement and we sincerely believe that our raw Manuka honey rates among the best on the market. You can buy Manuka honey NZ online or at many festivals, A & P shows, and local markets across Auckland.